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For meetings at the TCEQ Complex, live and archive access will be available on this page –  Users need RealPlayer to view the webcasts – for free download   The links to view the meetings at the Texas Capitol are: Desktop PCs Mobile:

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Public meetings tentatively set for the year:

  • Thursday, May 23, 2024
  • Thursday, August 22, 2024
  • Thursday, October 24, 2024
  • Thursday, December 12, 2024

Meeting Archives

02/29/2024 Agenda Link to Webinar
12/14/2023 Agenda Link to Webinar
11/03/2023 Agenda Link to Webinar
10/12/2023 Agenda Link to Webinar
08/24/2023 Agenda WCS Reports Link to Webinar
06/29/2023 Agenda Link to Webinar
04/20/2023 Agenda Link to Webinar
02/16/2023 Agenda Link to Webinar
11/17/2022 Agenda Link to Webinar
09/29/2022 Agenda Link to Webinar
08/23/2022 Agenda Link to Webinar
07/21/2022 Agenda Link to Webinar
04/07/2022 Agenda Link to Webinar
1/27/2022 Agenda Link to Webinar
10/28/2021 Agenda Link to Webinar
09/16.2021 Agenda Link to Webinar
07/15/2021 Agenda Link to Webinar
05/27/2021 Agenda Link to webinar
04/15/2021 Agenda Link to webinar
02/25/2021 Agenda Link to webinar
12/17/2020 Agenda Link to webinar
10/29/2020 Agenda Link to Webinar
10/02/2020 Agenda Link to Webinar
08/27/2020 Agenda Link to Webinar
07/09/2020 Agenda Link to Webinar
5/7/2020 Agenda Link to Webinar
3/12/2020 Agenda Link to Webcast
1/23/2020 Agenda Link to Webcast
2019/11/21 Agenda Link to Audio
2019/10/10 Agenda NorhStar presentation slides Link to Webcast
2019/08/22 Agenda SEED Coalition Letter to Compact Commissioners – August 21, 2019 Link to Webcast
2019/07/18 Agenda Link to Webcast
2019/05/30 Agenda Testimony League of Women Voters – Ms. Gosslee Link to Webcast
2019/02/28 Agenda Link to Webcast
2018/11/15 Agenda Link to Webcast
2018/10/23 Registration and Agenda Presentation binder
2018/10/11 Agenda Link to Webcast
2018/07/12 Agenda WCS Capacity Presentation Link to Webcast
2018/05/17 Agenda Link to Webcast
2018/02/22 Agenda TexReg_Proposal 2017 1103
WCS Comment Letter
NSSI Comment Letter
EnergySolutions Comment Letter
Link to Webcast
2017/11/16 Agenda Link to Webcast
Texas Generators Workshop
Meeting Agenda TLLRWDCC Introduction
NNSA-ORS Why disposal is important
TCEQ Superfund
TDSHS 2-year rule
CRCPD Introduction
TLLRWDCC What is a Compact
WCS Texas Facility
Role of the TCEQ
2017/10/05 Agenda Presentation – Entergy Link to Webcast
2017/08/10 Agenda NSSI Comment letter Link to Webcast
2017/05/18 Agenda Link to Webcast
2017/02/23 Agenda Handout – Lon Burnam Link to Webcast
2016/12/02 Agenda Link to Webcast
2016/09/29 Agenda Link to Webcast
2016/08/11 Agenda Link to Webcast
2016/06/30 Agenda Link to Webcast
2016/04/07 Agenda Link to Webcast
2016/02/04 Agenda Link to Webcast
2015/11/12 Agenda Link to Webcast
2015/10/01 Agenda Entergy-Texas Compact Presentation Link to Webcast
2015/07/30 Agenda Link to Webcast
2015/05/29 Transcript-Stakeholder’s Meeting-May 29, 2015
ARDT Comments
Energy Solutions-Comments
Ken Krieger-Comments
John P. Hageman-Comments
Link to Webcast
2015/05/28 Agenda Link to Webcast
2015/04/16 Agenda Public Participation Approach Link to Webcast (1 of 2)
Link to Webcast (2 of 2)
2015/03/13 Agenda Link to Webcast
2015/01/06 Agenda Link to Webcast
2014/11/13 Agenda Link to Webcast
2014/09/25 Agenda Rep. Lon Burnam Letter Link to Webcast
2014/08/14 Agenda WCS Press Release-Photos-August 12, 2014 Link to Webcast
2014/07/10 Agenda SEED Comments
Comments by Rep. Lon Burnam
John Hageman-Description of TRAB
Hans Honerlah USACE Presentation
Link to Webcast
2014/05/15 Agenda Link to Webcast
2014/03/13 Revised Agenda Comments-League of Women Voters
Comments-SEED Coalition
Link to Webcast Part 1
Link to Webcast Part 2
Link to Webcast Part 3
2014/01/16 Agenda WCS Class A Importation Slides Link to Webcast
2013/11/21 Agenda Link to Webcast
2013/10/02 Agenda ENVY Presentation to TLLRWDCC
2013/08/08 Agenda Representative Lon Burnam Comments Link to Webcast
2013/06/06 Agenda SEED Coalition Comments
White Paper – Establishing the Generator of Low-Level Radioactive Waste
Link to Webcast
2013/04/18 Agenda Link to Webcast
2013/03/01 Agenda SEED Comment Documents 3-31-2013 Link to Webcast
2013/01/31 Agenda SEED Coalition Comments Link to Webcast
2012/11/30 Agenda Signed-in Attendees
Robert Singleton CODA Document 1
Robert Singleton CODA Document 2
Link to Webcast
2012/10/18 Agenda Halliburton Rod Article 8 October 2012
Journal Star Midday Crash Article 29 September 2012
Leaking Sealed Source Arizona Notification 28 September 2012
Salt Lake Tribune Budget in Tooele County Article 8 October 2012
Link to Video
2012/09/26 Agenda Senator Seliger Letter to VT Compact Commissioners
Book Cover to “Mad Science The Nuclear Power Experiment”
Article by JJ Mangano, “An Unexpected Mortality Increase in the United States Follows Arrival of the Radioactive Plume from Fukushima: Is There A Correlation?”
WCS Presentation
Entergy Presentation
Audio Part 1
Audio Part 2
Audio Part 3
Audio Part 4
Audio Part 5
Audio Part 6
2012/08/02 Agenda Exelon Amended Application 
Exelon Amendment Request Cover Letter 
Tennessee Valley Authority – Amendment Request 
Zion Import Application Amendment
Meeting Webcast
2012/06/28 Agenda June 29, 2012 – CWF OAG GW Monitor Wells Map
June 29, 2012 – Agreement Draft – Generator with Broker Provision
June 29, 2012 – Technical Spreadsheet Draft
June 29, 2012 – Representative Burnam Document
June 28 – Meeting Webcast

June 29 – Meeting Webcast

2012/05/10 Agenda Meeting Webcast
2012/03/23 Agenda Draft Recommendations Meeting Webcast
2012/01/23 Agenda
Draft Recommendations
2012/01/05 Agenda
2011/12/29 Rules Committee Notice of Public Forum
Draft rule 675.23
Application draft
Term Sheet draft

PLEASE USE THE SAME INFO FOR BOTH MEETINGS, 12/12 and 12/29.  Below is the info for the  PARTICIPANTS.   In addition to being toll-free, there is an unlimited number of participants using this service.

PARTICIPANTS Dialing Instructions

1.  Dial the Access Number:   1 877-820-7831

2.  Enter Participants Pass code:  924706#If participants dial in before the moderator they will hear a prompt telling them to stay on the line until the  host/moderator dials in.

2011/12/12 Rules Committee Notice of Continuation
2011/11/30 Rules Committee Full Announcement
2011/11/22 Agenda
Waste Control Specialists, LLC’s Petition (Pursuant to Section 2001.021, Texas Government Code) for Adoption of Rules; 31 T. A. C. Section 675.23, Importation of Waste from a Non-Compact Generator for Disposal.

SB 1504
SB 1605

Rules for Reference:

Subchp A:
Sec. 675

Subchp. B:
Sec. 675.21
Sec. 675.22
Sec. 675.23

Comments from the SE Compact Commission
Letter from Representative Frullo
Letter from Representative Carter

2011/11/09 Agenda
Waste Control Specialists, LLC’s Petition (Pursuant to Section 2001.021, Texas Government Code) for Adoption of Rules; 31 T. A. C. Section 675.23, Importation of Waste from a Non- Compact Generator for Disposal. Adopted Budget FY 12 Bank Statement

For petitions, see below in Petitions Tables

WCS Response to Petitions
Chairman Darby letter to Chairman Wilson
Rep. Lewis Comments
Public Citizen Comments
ARDT Comments Responding to WCS Objections


Update for Commission
WCS Revised Rule Draft

video available at

Motion on Bonding Requirement passed November 9, 2011
Motion on Operational Matters passed November 9, 2011
Motion on Response to WCS Petition passed November 9, 2011

Segment 1
Segment 2
Segment 3
Segment 4
Segment 5

2011/08/20 Agenda
82nd Legislature: Legislative Actions
TCEQ Contract Expenditures
FY 12 Budget from Legislative Appropriation Request
University of Texas notice
WCS July 22, 2011, Response letter to UT letter
Draft Bylaws
Adopted Bylaws

Petitions – see table below for August 20, 2011meeting petitions

WCS Presentation Materials
Import Agreement
Import Application
Import Rule Red-line
WCS Revised Rule & Forms

Opening Segment
Segment 1
Segment 2
Segment 3
Segment 4
2011/05/01 Agenda meeting cancelled
2011/01/04 Agenda
Rule Packet Petitions – See below in Petitions table


Segment 1
Segment 2
Segment 3
Segment 4
Segment 5
2010/11/13 Agenda
Petition – See below in Petitions tableAgenda item: Proposed new rule 675.21-24 to be captioned “Exportation and Importation of Waste” (pdf)

Commissioner Gregory’s Comments
Commissioner Wilson’s Comments
email from Chair to Commissioner Gregory
Chair’s response to Commissioner Gregory’s motions  (attachment to Chair’s email to Commissioner Gregory)

Segment 1
Segment 2
Segment 3
2010/06/12 Agenda

Petition – See below in Petitions table
Rule Packet for the June 12, 2010, meeting
Commissioner Gregory document
Rick Jacobi document
WCS Economics Presentation
WCS Geology Presentation

Audio Morning Session Audio Afternoon Session
2010/02/11 (Ad Hoc Committee on Annual Report Editing) Agenda
2010/01/22 Agenda Audio morning session Audio afternoon session
2009/12/11, 2009/12/10 Agenda
Revised Agenda

Draft rule”Exportation and Importation of Waste” for Stakeholder meeting

WORD format
PDF format
These files are the same content.

WORD format
PDF format
These files are the same content.

Minutes Stakeholder Meeting on Import/Export/Fees Audio Meeting December 11 Audio
2009/08/19 Agenda Minutes Audio File 1
Audio File 2
Audio File 3
Audio File 4
Audio File 5
2009/08/07 Stakeholder Meeting on Import/Export Agenda Notes not available
2009/07/21 Agenda Minutes Financial Resolution Banking Resolution Export Resolution available upon request
2009/06/05 Agenda Minutes available upon request
2009/04/14 Stakeholder Meeting on “Volume” Rule not available not available available upon request
2009/04/02 Agenda not available available upon request
2009/02/26, 2009/02/27 Agenda not available available upon request
2009/02/13 Agenda not available